ECR 2014
Mar. 6 - 10 2014

Radcal to Introduce Next Models of Accu-Gold and Multisensors at 2014 ECR

Radcal is proud to introduce the next Gold Standard generation of non-invasive diagnostic X-ray meters Accu-Gold+ and Rapid-Gold+ and associated Multisensors.

Utilizing improved stacked sensor technology allows the new Accu-Gold+ Multisensors to become the smallest footprint solid state sensor on the market today. The Accu-Gold+ Multisensors have been reduced 1/3 of its original size with increased dose and dose/rate ranges. Joining the assortment of Multisensors is the new Dual Radiographic, Fluoroscopic and Mammography Multisensor, the AGMS-DM+. This Multisensor covers the entire R/F range of 40-160 kV and 20-50 kV for mammography. The AGMS-DM+ allows for fast setup, is accurate and fits in the Bucky.

Rounding out this new design includes the calibration data for all the Multisensors. Each sensor contains its own calibration data thereby making it “Truly Interchangeable” amongst other Accu-Gold+ systems.

The Rapid-Gold+ will also be showcased which also utilizes the new Accu-Gold+ Multisensors. Now the Rapid-Gold+ will be offered with the Accu-Gold+ Multisensor of choice along with the option of mA/mAs measurement.

This new design and combination of Multisensors makes it the most powerful diagnostic meter available today. Connecting directly to the laptop allows the user to utilize the power of the computer immediately in place of storing and uploading the data at a later time. The included Accu-Gold+ Software is very user friendly providing up to 16 windows of information selectable by the end user.

Finally: So Little Gives You So Much! Smaller can be better!

For a demonstration of its powerful features, visit us in Booth 302.

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