Radcal manufactures innovative radiation measuring systems for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kV, exposure time, HVL, mA, mAs, filtration, and more.

Accu-Gold+ Rapid-Gold+ Accu-Dose+ Nugget
  • Extensive Sensor Selection
  • Both Solid State and Gold Standard Ion Chamber Technology
  • Rapid Simultaneous Measurements
  • The Smallest Footprint Solid State Sensor
  • Customizable Software
  • Replaces first generation Accu-Gold Diagnostic System
  • Accu-Gold+ Technology
  • Uses only Solid State Sensors for Diagnostic, Dental and Mammography X-Ray
  • Optional mA, mAs invasive or Non-invasive measurements
  • Replaces first generation Rapid-Gold
  • The newest member of the Accu-Gold family
  • Streamlined dose measurement system
  • Gold Standard Ion Chamber Sensors and Solid-state Dose Diode Sensors
  • Excellent Solution for Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, and Dental applications
  • Dose-oriented set of functionality including Dose, Dose Rate, Waveform, Pulse, dose/pulse and Exposure time
  • Several display options and customizable software
  • Wireless connectivity for the Accu-Gold family
  • Eliminates the need to be tethered by an unwieldy cable
  • WiFi adapter snaps on to Accu-Gold family digitizer
  • Better transmission stability, data quality, and range than Bluetooth solutions
  • Point-to-point WiFi connection is secure and requires no other WiFi infrastructure

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"Radcal Rapid-Gold combines simplicity of use with highest standards of accuracy for kVp, dose and exposure time in a measurement device. I am standardizing to Rapid-Gold in my service department."

President of Cal-Ray Inc.

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